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London City Walk

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London Guided Walks

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The City of London is the Leader of international business and finance.  This walk takes you to the very heart of the Square Mile where you can see Lloyd’s of London, the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England.  Find out why The City is not just about knowing the right time to buy or sell stocks and shares, it’s also about standing around in circles, grasshoppers and drinking coffee.


Length 2 hours, starting point near The Royal Exchange, underground station Bank


The Bloody Code

Enter the world of crime and punishment in The City and hear tales of robbers, pickpockets, escape artists and murderers.  In the 18th century the punishment for minor crimes was harsh and most villains ended in Newgate gaol, “An emblem of hell itself.”  The only way out for most of the gaol’s residents was to attend the gallows.  Starting at the Old Bailey this walk follows the story of the villains, prison reformers and the creation of the City of London police force.  


Length 2 hours, starting point near St. Paul’s Cathedral, underground station St. Paul’s


That’s the Law

Visit the area of Temple and see Temple Church, Middle Temple Hall and The City’s first ever public water fountain. Temple is home to the Honourable Societies of the Middle and Inner Temple, two of the four Inns of Court.  In the 14th century the societies became known as Inns of Court because of the hospitality they offered to students training as lawyers. Walk Middle Temple Lane and hear fables of the Knights Templar, stories of unrequited love, quarrels leading to battle and legal stories.


Length 2 hours, starting point at station, underground station Temple


A Guided Tour of Guildhall

Guildhall is home to The City of London Corporation.  This building dating from the early 15th century provides the magnificent setting for ceremonies, state banquets and the annual installation of the Lord Mayor of London.  The centre piece of Guildhall is the Great Hall where many famous trials have taken place including the trial of Lady Jane Grey, there are many monuments to be seen of national heroes. This is a comprehensive guided tour of the Great Hall and the outside court of Guildhall.


Length 2 hours, starting point by prior arrangement, underground station Moorgate or Liverpool Street